Install the Lamium plug-in

First of all, you need now a verified account at Go to the website and go through the registration steps. If you need help with the account setup you can contact the lamium customer support at support(@)lamium(.)io.

Lamium is an awesome service. We now explain you the installation steps for the Lamium Plug-in that allows you to accept bitcoin directly or automatically receive regular currency to your bank account.

The Lamium Plugin allows your customers to pay for your products with Bitcoins or Dash. You can then choose, as the store owner, if you want to keep these bitcoins in a highly secure encrypted wallet or if you want to (automatically) convert them into fiat currency (EUR, USD etc) via the decentralized invoice service of Lamium.

This is not just a regular crypto conversion, but it works so, that your shop is creating an invoice that your customer has to pay in Bitcoin or Dash. This invoice can then be picked up by any verified invoice payer at and he will send the money to your bank account.

For this you go to the admin panel main dashboard and mouseover the plugins and click on "add new":


In the search field on top right you have to search for “Lamium”. The first and only hit will be the Lamium Bitcoin Plugin to receive btc directly or convert to fiat plugin. Click on "Install Now".


After the installation is completed you will find an “Activate” button that you need to click.


After the plugin has been activated you need to configure it in the “Settings” or under Woocommerce / Payments. You will have to enter your lamium username and your lamium api password that you have received by email after the registration at the website If you lost this email you can always request a new password in the configuration menu at or contact their customer support.


Also you need to decide if you want to automatically convert the bitcoins into fiat or if you want to keep the bitcoins (our recommendation). All bitcoin payouts will be done directly to your highly secure lamium wallet and you do not have to take any additional security measures for your coin safety. In case you want to receive fiat money to your bank account be sure that also the IBAN and BIC numbers are entered correctly, otherwise the API call will give an error.


Save all the settings and voila, the first Lamium Plugin has been successfully installed.

You have finally made it to the last step and your demo store is fully capable to accept bitcoin as direct payments and also fiat currency like EUR, USD or CHF that automatically will be converted into bitcoins.

Now it is up to you to fill your store with life. Add products, improve the design, advertise it. We wish you all the best success in the world.