What is the Lamium plug-in
The Lamium API is an awesome payment API for your own web project, that allows you to accept crypto payments (bitcoin and dash). The API allows you to get the coins directly to your own wallet or convert the crypto payments to a direct SEPA bank transaction without any fee for you as merchant.
What is special about our plug-in
This is not just a regular crypto conversion, but it works so, that your website API call is creating an invoice that your customer has to pay in Bitcoin or Dash. This invoice can then be picked up by any verified invoice payer from Lamium.io and he will send the money to your bank account.
Install the Lamium plug-in
Before you can use the API, you need a verified account at www.lamium.io. Go to the website and go through the registration steps. If you need help with the account setup you can contact the lamium customer support at support(@)lamium(.)io.
We now explain you the installation steps for the Lamium Plug-in.
Using this API service you can accept payments in Euros from your customers and receive bitcoin in your account.

API credentials

You can use your Lamium login ID and an api specific password to access the gateway. An auto generated password will be e-mailed to you when you sign up to the service. You can also request a new API password from the user profile dropdown menu in your accoutn at lamium.io.


Standard Headers for all request

  • Accept : application/json
  • Content-Type : application/json

Get access token(valid for one hour)

  • Request type : POST
  • Body (raw - JSON(application/json))
  • {"username”:”lamium-wallet_username”,"password”:”api_password“}
  • url : http://api.lamium.io/api/users/token
  • Successful response format(JSON)
  • {"success": true,"data": {"token": “VgfgnmjkuubrtiJ9.eyGmitum7dsem34lmHbf.BY6N8nyRwXczFVXv45MHOsndnGZpFzsC50WA_6xXVfBFU"}}
  • Unsuccessful response format(JSON)
  • {"message": "Invalid username or password","url": "/api/users/token","code": 401}

Add new payment record

  • Headers
  • Authorization : Bearer access_token
  • Request type : POST
  • Body (raw - JSON(application/json))
  • {"amount":"1700","purchase_bitcoin_agreement":"1","item":"Item details","currency":"EUR,CHF,USD,PLN(any one)","crypto":"bitcoin_wallet","iban":"if using crypto value bitcoin_fiat or dash_fiat","bic_code":"if using crypto value bitcoin_fiat or dash_fiat","vat_rate":"5","payer_name":"Martin","payer_email_address":"martin@lamium.io","customer_name":"Full name of the customer","customer_address":"Address of the customer","customer_email":"Email address of the customer(optional)","customer_phone":"Phone number of the customer(optional)"}
  • url : http://api.lamium.io/api/payments/payCryptoCoins
  • Successful response format(JSON)
  • {"success": true,"data": [{"merchant_id": "Se8d69221add6354c03209346936f33df5c914117b7941ab06f983b206c9364a8fi%AF%14SC%9F%99%AFs%87o%95%82%2C%11%2B%89%05D%0F%AE%003%F7A%A9%E9%AB%21%A3%11%3A","transaction_id": "75609b7508dbc121b57fe4Bgft36232dc63d99fcb4996214b540f3381f1b29e%BF%F1y%0E%19b%0Ff%BFw%0E%B1%5Ef0T%B5T%F2%AA%82A%3C%C9%F34%D66%5D%26%F6p","customer_reference": 23563316088,"crypto_setting": "bitcoin_wallet","btc_amount": "0.21","btc_address":"364tc7WYfBY6TVbRbghh5yjmC3FX1Yfgrty","btcserver_api_payment_id": "Dfetv5tbnhDfefU","invoice_id": "https://pay.lamium.io/invoice?id=Dfetv5tbnhDfefU&v=3&view=modal&paymentMethodId=BTC","payment_method": "BTC"}]}
  • Customer Reference is a value to be used by customers during making payment.
  • Crypto Setting should set to 'bitcoin_wallet','dash_wallet','bitcoin_fiat','dash_fiat'.
    • bitcoin_wallet : Bitcoin accepted and paid to wallet.
    • dash_wallet : Dash accepted and paid to wallet.
    • bitcoin_fiat : Bitcoin accepted and converted to fiat.
    • dash_fiat : Dash accepted and converted to fiat.
  • IBAN and BIC are your bank details where you will get your fiat.
  • Btc amount is the crypto amount for bitcoin or dash.(sent by you)
  • Btc address is the bitcoin or dash address where your customer should send the coins
  • Invoice id is a popup modal link with qrcode of the address and amount which you can integrate add the following js code in your page
                        <button> onclick="openInvoice()" id="lamium-pay-now">Pay Now</button>
                        <script src="https://api.lamium.io/js/payment_iframe.js"></script>
    					    function openInvoice() {

Request payment record status for all records

You can send request for more than one record in a single query
  • Headers
  • Authorization : Bearer access_token
  • Request type : POST
  • Body (raw - JSON(application/json))
  • {"merchant_id":"Se8d69221add6354c03209346936f33df5c914117b7941ab06f983b206c9364a8fi%AF%14SC%9F%99%AFs%87o%95%82%2C%11%2B%89%05D%0F%AE%003%F7A%A9%E9%AB%21%A3%11%3A","transaction_ids":["75609b7508dbc121b57fe4Bgft36232dc63d99fcb4996214b540f3381f1b29e%BF%F1y%0E%19b%0Ff%BFw%0E%B1%5Ef0T%B5T%F2%AA%82A%3C%C9%F34%D66%5D%26%F6p"]}
  • url : http://api.lamium.io/api/payments/payCryptoCoinsAllOrderPaymentStatus
  • Successful response format(JSON)
  • {"success": true,"data": [{"records": [{"transaction_id": "75609b7508dbc121b57fe4Bgft36232dc63d99fcb4996214b540f3381f1b29e%BF%F1y%0E%19b%0Ff%BFw%0E%B1%5Ef0T%B5T%F2%AA%82A%3C%C9%F34%D66%5D%26%F6p", "status": "paid"}]}]}
  • Status value comes as n/a,Not paid,Paid.