Allowed Payments

We normally accept transfers (EUR) up to 3000€ per individual payment or a group of related payments.

For higher amounts it is required to contact us in advance.

Bitcoin Rate and Fees

The Bitcoin rate is determined by Kraken Euro spot price and Lamium deducts a fee of 2% of the total sum. In addition Lamium charges the bitcoin network fee for any payout to your account (approx. 0.0001 BTC, by default we use low priority).

FThe exchange rate is determined at the point in time when the bitcoins are released to the user.

Required Information

In order to properly receive the payment we need:

Payment is in SEPA format. For SWIFT payments we charge a processing fee depending on the origin of the sender.

The reference code given by the CoinNexus API in the message field of the payment. If the reference code is missing we cannot identify the recipient and will reimburse the funds to the payer. Any third party fees will be subtracted from the payment received.

In order to release the Bitcoins to the user we need:

  • Payer’s name: full legal name of the entity making the payment.
  • Address of the payer.
  • Recipient’s name: full legal name of the entity making the payment.
  • Address of the recipient.
  • Short description of the purpose of the payment. If CoinNexus is used with the API, the recipient needs to link us the page(s) where he has integrated the API.
  • In addition the recipient needs to fully verify their Lamium account.

Recommended Information

We recommend the user to also provide this information for the smoothest possible operation:

  • Means to contact both the payer and recipient.

Bitcoin release schedule

The Bitcoins will generally be released to the recipient on the same or on the next weekday after the funds are visible on our account.

Right to Cancel

We reserve the right to cancel the payment under any conditions. Cases where we use our right to cancel the transaction include but are not limited to:

  • The payment details are not correct.
  • We suspect that the transaction is related to criminal activities, money laundering or funding of terrorism.
  • The rate of Bitcoin was not correctly calculated.
  • Force majeure situations.