About Us

Behind the startup are known and trusted early adopters of Bitcoin that aim to provide an innovative way to use Bitcoin in the day to day life.

While it is very difficult to convince companies and people to accept Bitcoin directly for many reasons, in our vision for the crypto "mass option" this is not required. While cryptocurrencies are meant for the smart and tech-savy 1% of the population, that actually does understand that systemic problems of fiat currency, can finally use it in day to day applications, such as ordering products online, paying any invoice or bill or even pay for contracts.

At Lamium all you need is to rely on our decentralized network of trusted invoice payers that will pay any legitimate bill that you upload to us.

Dont waste your time to convice your favorite online store to accept bitcoin. Join our network and use bitcoin anywhere you please. Decentralized, Secure and Fast.


Bitcoinunity Ltd.

K1 Tamarind Hills

Ffryes Beach, St Marys.


PO Box JH207

support at lamium.io


Monika Lamini

Monika Lamini

Customer Support


Martin Albert

Martin Albert

Investor and Consultant